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Reception & Event Venue

Beautifully Decorated

Bring in your own Food

Bring in your own Alcohol

One Large Room

350 Guest Maximum

Large Dance Floor w Stage

Professional Bar

Wait Staff . Clean-Up Crew



Party Hours

Sat events include 12 hours of venue rental time. Weekend events end at 1 am and venue empty by 2 am.

Fri & Sun events include 10 hours of venue rental time.

Mon - Thurs events include 8 hours of venue rental time.


Additional Time

Add 1 extra hour of party time to your event for $300.00

Add 3 hours of time for an additional $600.00


How to budget your time

2-4 hours of set up for decorating, vendor deliveries & rehearsal time

5-6 hours of reception for the actual party

1-2 hours of clean up


Parties end by 1:00 AM and everyone out of the building by 2:00 AM. If you would like your party to run longer, please inquire.

Deposit/Book the Date


The deposit goes toward your total party price and holds your date. An estimated guest count is helpful for budget estimations, but not necessary at this time.

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another date.

Your deposit is a part of the total cost and 100% of the booking deposit goes toward your balance.

Get a signed contract. A contract benefits all sides because it's written confirmation that an agreement has been reached and the contract spells out the details.

Payment Schedule


A $1,000 deposit holds your date. An estimated guest count is helpful but not necessary at this time.

50% of the most current balance is due 90 days prior to event date.

The remaining balance and final payment is due 30 days prior to your event date, along with your final guest count.

A separate $300.00 damage deposit must accompany the final payment if you use our cleaning service or a separate $500.00 damage deposit must accompany the final payment if you do not use our cleaning service.

Once your event has concluded and there are no damages found in the venue, you will receive your damage deposit back within two weeks.

* Late payments made less than 3 weeks prior to event date, will be made in person and must be paid with cash.



Do I need an appointment to come look at the Chateau?

We certainly prefer an appointment although drop-ins often do work out. Our staff is not always consistently available to show you around and we would like to get all of your questions answered at one time, if possible. Please call Bambi at 817-878-2515 or email her at and she will set something up.


How many people can your venue accommodate for a reception?

Up to 350 seated. For a cocktail style reception, we can accomodate more because we utilize cocktail tables which encourages guest mingling. Some clients want us to create a club atmosphere and we can easily do that. Fog is allowed.


What is required to hold a date?

To reserve a date at the Chateau, we require a $1,000 deposit. That's it. An estimated guest count is helpful but not necessary at this time.


Why do you offer packages?

Packages are the most efficient way to offer our most popular combination of services. These packages can be tailored to your needs so that you can host the perfect event that includes only the things you need - at the best possible price. Using our services means that there are no delivery fees. There are less vendors to coordinate so it's easier to have a smooth running event.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes, you are free to bring in your own alcohol as long as you are having a hosted bar and are not selling alcohol. We do require that you use our TABC bartenders to serve any alcohol that is present at your event.


Can I bring in my own vendors and food?

Yes. We have an open vendor policy. You may use a caterer, restaurant, food truck, or family chef to bring in food. You may also choose your own DJ, photobooth, and cake baker. Our kitchenette includes a sink, refrigerator, food warmer and ice machine. We do not have cooking equipment.


What about guest parking?

We have 205 parking spaces on a striped, asphalt parking lot. Our parking lot is well lit and there is no need for valet parking. You won't have to park down the street or at an adjacent vacant parking lot.


Will I see crowded rest rooms?

No. The ladies room has 11 stalls, 3 hand sinks and a huge mirror. The men's room has 6 stalls, two hand sinks and a large mirror. There is no waiting in a line to enter either restroom.


Do you require security at events?

Not normally.


Am I responsible for cleaning the venue after my event is over?

You are responsible for removing all items that you have brought in by the end of your rental period. You (or most likely, your caterer) are also responsible for removing all trash from the facility and disposing it in the on-site dumpster. Your $200 cleaning fee will cover the tear down of the tables, chairs, etc. and a deep cleaning of the venue.


I'm ready to go.  How can I can get started?

Go to the Contact Us page to begin planning.





We're located near downtown - on the Trinity River.

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Some of the hotels listed offer a shuttle service, but not on a consistent basis. Please check with the hotel of your choice to verify shuttle schedules.


The Property

One Large Room

350 Guest Maximum

White Shiplap Walls

23' x 37' Dance Floor w Railing

Stage for DJ or Band

27' Professional Bar

205 Lighted Parking Spaces


Venue Access

Sat events include 12 concurrent hours of venue rental time. Access at 2:00 pm. Party ends at 1 am. Building clear by 2 am.

Fri & Sun events include 10 concurrent hours of venue rental time.

Mon - Thurs events include 8 concurrent hours of venue rental time.


Book the Date

A $1,000 deposit holds and officially books your date. All of the booking deposit goes toward your balance.

Beautifully decorated and you can bring in your own food and alcohol!

Front - Parkview

Start planning your party TODAY!

Front Door Area

This way to the party!

Chateau at Forest Park

1800 N. Forest Park Blvd.

Fort Worth, TX


Contact Us


Lots of free parking.

Viewing Hours

Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saturday by appointment only.


To see the venue during a time outside normal viewing hours, please call for an appointment.

Head Table Background

Head Table Background

Curved Canopy Display

Curved Canopy Display

Photo Op Background

photo op background

table background

Glass Table Top

Glass Top Table

Glass Table Top

Fireplace Background

Fireplace Background

Or you can use your own decor.

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Wheel Barrel Table

Wheel Barrel Table

Ceiling Fabric

Ceiling Fabric

Dance Floor Lights

Lights Over the Dance Floor

Suspended & Decorated Ladder

Suspended Ladder

Suspended & Decorated Baby Bed Springs

Suspended Baby Bed Springs